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Silver Clay

Silver pendant with stone using silver clay

Discover the budding artist in you! Learn to make your own unique jewelry piece in 999 fine silver with Mitsubishi Precious Metal Clay.


All classes are taught in small groups and by experienced certified instructor accedited by the PMC Guild of Japan.

The full course runs in 6 Steps with 17 different techniques.

All class bookings strictly by prior appointment only.

Click on "Contact" to send a request form or email to

Trial Session Fee: S$90.00        Time: 1 session (3 Hrs) 
Fee inclusive of silver clay sufficient to create a small simple pendant/charm. 

Free tool rental and firing for trial session. 

PMC Basic Course - Step 1

In this 3 session basic course you will learn basic knowledge of working with silver clay as well as 3 different techniques (see picture below 1 to 3) which are essential for creating your future silver designs. 

Completion of Step 1 will allow you to progress on to Step 2 to 6 with an opportunity to be accredited by PMC Guild of Japan as a certified PMC Instructor.  For more details on the certification Course, please refer to details below.

Course Fee: S$420.00        Time: 3 session (3 Hrs per session)
Inclusive of materials, tool rental and firing charge.  No Hidden Cost.

PMC Full Course - PMC Guild of Japan

This course covers basic to advanced lessons. (18 subjects, Step 1 to 6, 29 sessions) You will be taught  using different techniques to complete each projects for each Step of the course.


If you are interested to be an instructor, you may apply for a PMC Guild Japan Instructor Certificate after completion of all 6 steps.

1. Pendant Top

Silver pendant made using silver clay

Learn how to work with silver clay and make a simple pendant using stamps and texturing.

4. Molding

Create your own mould out of an object you like and make multiple piece of same design.

2. Rope Ring

Silver ring made with Silver clay

Learn the basics on how to make a simple ring with silver clay.

5. Belt Ring

Silver ring made with silver clay

Master the importance of precision in finishing your design by creating a ring that have the same polished look as a manufactured piece. 

3. Leaf

Silver leaf pendant made with silver clay

Turn a real leave into a silver piece using silver paste. 

2. Pearl setting

6. Hole Work

Silver pendant made with silver clay

A fun technique using cork clay and PMC3 syringe.

7. Round Ring with Stones

Silver ring made with silver clay

Create a basic round ring base that is polished to perfection. Then set synthetic stones on dried ring base. 

8. Bail work

Advanced on and learn how to get 2 or more solid pieces to interlocked to complete your design.

9. Pearl Setting

Complete your designing skills by using natural pearl and learn how to do the perfect setting.

10. Design Ring

Silver ring made with silver clay

Learn how to use ready-made silver clay ring and turn it into your own unique design.

11. Silver Mesh

Silver necklace made with silver clay

Understand shrinkage effect the unfired clay will have on the already fired silver mesh.

12. Natural Stone setting

Silver pendant made with silver clay

Create your own bezel which can be customized to fit natural stones in your design.

13. Glass work

13. Glass work

Silver and glass pendant made with silver clay

Add some colours in your design by fusing your own glass pieces

14. Brass work

Silver pendant with brass made with silver clay

Incorporate brass wire with your silver piece and see your design transform into a stunning piece.

15. Sheet Weaving

Learn to use PMC Sheet and create a weaving design piece.

16. Mobile Work

Add more fun into your design by making movable pieces such as a hinge.

17. 3D Carving

Silver pendant made with silver clay

Train your mind to understand 3D design drawings and learn how to carve your design from scratch.

18. Graduation Piece

Student are required to design and create a final piece using various techniques learnt in this course.  

You are limited by only your own creativity!


Final project must Incorporate at least 3 intermediate techniques.

All classes conducted in small group of not more than 6 students.

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